Targeting Tissue Fluid


The goal of WhiteSwell’s therapy is to accomplish complete decongestion with preservation of renal function.

The aim is to keep patients out of the hospital for longer periods of time, and to slow the cycle of rehospitalization and deterioration typically associated with heart failure patients.

Depth of Lymphatic Drainage

Complete decongestion is difficult to achieve with current ADHF treatments, which focus on removal of excess fluid from the vascular system. WhiteSwell is taking a different approach, targeting removal of excess fluid in the interstitial system, the fluid-filled spaces in connective tissue all over the body that are outside of the vascular system.

Through in-depth research into the fluid dynamics that occur during acute decompensated heart failure, the company came to appreciate the incredible potential of the lymphatic system. Each person has an estimated 100,000 miles of lymphatic network which reaches throughout the body to drain and filter fluid from the tissues.

The lymphatic vessels reach deep into the body’s tissues and can be as small as 50 microns in diameter (the size of a human hair) with microscopic openings for fluid.10 The breadth and depth of lymphatic drainage facilitates its ability to effectively drain fluid throughout the body.

Normally, the lymphatic system collects fluid that has nourished the tissues and returns it to the veins via the thoracic and lymphatic ducts. 10 In ADHF patients, high venous blood pressure reduces or stops lymphatic drainage at these ducts, hindering the lymphatic’s ability to shift fluid from the interstitial system to the intravascular system.

Currently there is no effective treatment to directly remove excess fluid from lung and other interstitial tissues. WhiteSwell’s innovative technology enhances the natural fluid removal process of the lymphatic system by creating a low-pressure zone at the main lymphatic drainage site, the thoracic duct, in order to effectively decongest the interstitial system.

The WhiteSwell Therapy System is an investigational device not currently approved in the United States or in the European Union.
Its use is limited to investigational use in clinical trials.

Breadth of Lymphatic System